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Since 2011, Voodoo CrossFit has proudly been an affiliate that champions diversity and embraces individuals from all walks of life. We are more than just a gym; we are a vibrant community that celebrates every member’s unique journey towards fitness excellence.

A Haven for All – Embrace Your Uniqueness

Are you a gym newbie, uncertain about navigating the world of fitness? Do you have a job in the tech industry that keeps you desk-bound all day?

Rest assured, Voodoo CrossFit has been the starting point for countless beginners just like you. We’ve witnessed it all and have honed our coaching expertise to perfection. Our team of friendly and supportive coaches will take you by the hand and guide you every step of the way. Whether you need assistance with goal setting, nutritional guidance, or motivation, we are here to ensure your success. No matter your background, we’ve got you covered.

A Tapestry of Community and Fun – United in Sweat

At Voodoo CrossFit, we believe that a strong community is the foundation of success. If you struggle with maintaining consistency in your fitness routine, fear not. We foster an atmosphere of camaraderie that will ignite your determination.

Together, we work hard and celebrate even harder. Prepare yourself for a gym experience like no other. Our community knows how to throw unforgettable parties, from wine events to BBQs to in-gym concerts and various outings. The spirit of togetherness extends beyond our walls. Our Voodoo Krewe has embarked on some unforgettable trips together, from out of town competitions to multiple trips to Mardi Gras in New Orleans to six epic four-day beach getaways in Port Aransas. Voodoo also runs the annual Mardi Brawl competition here in North Austin, where over 250 competitors from neighboring gyms showcase their skills across all levels. When it comes to uniting people, we go above and beyond.
Celebrating Diversity, Embracing Greatness – Where Everyone Finds Their Place

Voodoo CrossFit isn’t just a gym for beginners or the average athlete; it’s a sanctuary for individuals who crave the extraordinary. Our coaches aren’t just educated; they’ve trained alongside the best in the industry. Legendary International Weightlifting Federation First Vice President, Ursula Garza ran Olympic Lifting classes at Voodoo for 3 years. Westside Barbell held the CrossFit Powerlifting Certification Course at Voodoo twice. Jeff Tucker, CrossFit’s Subject Matter Expert, hosted four lectures at Voodoo and Voodoo has had 2 female coaches on CrossFit Gymnastics Seminar Staff, coaching hours at Voodoo through the week, flying across the world to coach CF Gymnastics on the weekend.

At Voodoo CrossFit, we’ve witnessed the incredible potential of individuals across an astonishing array of disciplines. Our doors have been open to professional football players, handball players, disc golfers, MMA fighters, pro wrestlers, kettlebell athletes, golfers, and an impressive cast of collegiate basketball, football, and baseball players. We’ve supported professional dancers, figure skaters, ballet performers, MMA fighters, JiuJitsu fighters, Taekwondo practitioners, Muay Thai enthusiasts, Krav Maga devotees, Aikido practitioners, Capoeira fighters, track runners, gymnasts, powerlifters, and Olympic lifters.

We take pride in being a home for individuals with unique challenges, including deaf athletes, those with Celiac Disease, Crohn’s Disease, and MS, adaptive athletes who inspire us all, and even pregnant women who worked out on the morning of delivery, one of whom was featured on CrossFit.com

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Scott Grayson owners of Voodoo CrossFit 512

Scott Grayson


Playing live shows with some of the biggest bands in the world was an absolute rush. Playing on stage before Slipknot, Mudvayne, Hatebreed, any of them… It was a 45 minute full contact sport, performing with intensity to get your band noticed. While you walked off stage exhausted, clothes dripping with sweat, every night was the biggest thrill I’ve ever had. A CrossFit workout is the only thing comparable to that feeling. You prepare as much as you can to perform to your max potential, and the thrill happens daily. With CrossFit, the benefits are many. You feel accomplished and you are taking massive strides in terms of health and athleticism, making yourself prepared for whatever life demands. Prioritizing nutrition and exercise in this way takes care of “you”.
I’ve always been into the alternative. I’ve found my place in where the majority isn’t. Being fit and conscious of taking real care of yourself is probably the most punk rock thing you can do. Want to really go against the grain? Put your social media down for an hour. Get in a group with other people all of which come from different backgrounds and beliefs, all of which have different viewpoints. Accomplish a workout with them and all of these differences go away. CrossFit gives you a daily dose of being alive.

Scott is prior military, coming to Austin by way of Fort Hood from the New Orleans area. His CrossFit qualifications are:
CrossFit Gymnastics x 3, CrossFit Kettlebell, CrossFit Powerlifting x 2, CrossFit Olympic Lifting by Cody Burgener, CF L-2, attended Outlaw Camp, 12 year Box Owner, Competed in the past 12 CrossFit Opens, and various competitions. Scott and his team also throw the highly successful MardiBrawl Competiton in Austin every year.

Ashley Grayson


A fighter. An Athlete. A coach.

Ashley started young with Tae Kwon Do, then spent some years with Krav Maga before transferring to Muay Thai. She spent time in MMA and closed out her fighting career with Brazilian JiuJitsu competing with Austin’s Brazilian Top Team. Ashley started CrossFit in 2014 at a box her father owns in Port Lavaca, Texas. She holds a CF-L1, CrossFit Gymnastics, and CrossFit Nutrition Certification. She has competed locally and participated in The CrossFit Open multiple times.

Ashley is actively involved at Voodoo as a head coach and personal trainer. Aside from coaching CrossFit, Ashley is a licensed Medical Esthetician. Her philosophy on life is: “take care of yourself through nutrition and exercise, and you will retain your youth” She loves helping her clients look and feel their best for years to come.”

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